For 150 years The Evangelization Society (TES) has served the UK as a major evangelistic organisation - seeking to see men, women and children brought into the Kingdom of God.

In the past TES served the church in this nation by providing evangelists and resources to assist it with its mission of bringing people to Christ and making disciples.

However, since April 2004 the Society has operated as a grant-making trust; providing grants to itinerant evangelists and to those involved in evangelism, particularly of a pioneer nature.

This includes grants towards encouraging the work of evangelists and evangelism by means of conferences, seminars, retreats and training sessions: enabling and encouraging the presentation of the truths of the Gospel to people in the UK.

Click here for further information on grants. (NB: Grant can only be made for ministries/projects in the UK)

TES is a registered charity supported almost entirely by voluntary contributions in the form of gifts - both regular and one-off - from individuals and churches. Some people who have supported the organisation for many years or who came to faith through the work of its evangelists, remember the work by leaving a legacy in their Will.

(For further information about supporting the work please visit the support page.)