Ever since its inception in 1864, following the UK revival of 1859, TES has been a major nation-wide evangelistic organisation committed to 'bringing new life to the nation'.

TES' distinctive was and remains the positive communication of the Gospel to the people of the United Kingdom. In the past this was largely achieved through a team of itinerant evangelists based throughout the country. However, today it is through the provision of grant funding.


Between 1870 and 2004 over 1400 men, and more recently women too, have served the Society and thus the Kingdom as evangelists. It is one of the longest established evangelistic organisations in the UK. Amongst its founders were Lord Radstock and the renowned Scottish preacher, Brownlow North.

TES had the personal support of D.L. Moody and both William Booth and Wilson Carlisle, who went on to found the Salvation Army and the Church Army respectively, were associated with the work in its early days.

Down through the years the Society has had many leaders often bearing the title General Secretary. One of the most significant and effective during the 1960’s and early 1970’s was an ex-naval Captain named Marshall Shallis. He was a particularly influential leader in addition to being a highly respected evangelist. Since that time and following a number of leadership changes Ron Spillards became Director of Evangelism in 1990 and was subsequently National Director until June 2001. He steered the Organisation through a period of considerable change before retiring and handing over the reigns to David Morgan who lead the Society up until March 2004 when, after a period of review, it became what it is today, a grant-making trust supporting evangelism across the UK.

Testimony - “My wife came to faith in our Lord Jesus through the ministry of Marshall Shallis and myself through the ministry of Mervyn Morgan and my wife. So TES has always been special to us”. FP.

This is but one story of the countless thousands who have come to faith in Christ through the ministry of TES Evangelists during over 150 years of faithful ministry.